BOTA Board Internal Links

MICROSOFT 365 – M365 (Links Below Require a Login for Proper BOTA Access)

Contact the BOTA Microsoft Admin for more information or support.

Example login: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Microsoft SharePoint Web Portal for BOTA


Microsoft TEAMS (Video Calls and Other Collaboration)


Microsoft Forms (Surveys)


Microsoft Outlook Email for BOTA


Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, Word and Others)


Microsoft M365 Admin Page (Manage Azure Users and Assign Licenses)


Non-Profit M365 Portal (Microsoft Licensing for BOTA and Training Resources)



SALSA CRM (Client Resource Management)

Contact the BOTA CRM Admin for more information or support.


Salsa Engage (Email Blasts, Fundraising and Registration Pages)


Salsa CRM (Client Database)





Google Groups (Manage Email Distribution Lists)


Google Photos (Event Photo Albums)


Web and Email Hosting for