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Not just trail construction but website construction too!  Pardon our electronic dust as we continue to upgrade our website.  As we do this, not all content, newsletters, or features may be available. You can always stay up date on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


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Latest News

Brownsburg Trail Purchase Complete

BOTA and the Town of Brownsburg recently completed an important sale of completed trail. This transaction, completed on May 13, 2015, transferred ownership of the completed trail between Green Street and County Road 300 North over to the Town of Brownsburg. Why was this done, you may ask? In making this portion of the B&O Trail officially part of the Brownsburg Park and Trail system means that all future care and maintenance of that section will be managed by the Brownsburg Parks Department. At the same time, the funds from this sale will enable the B&O Trail Association to continue planning and constructing more trails for the future. The partnership between Brownsburg and BOTA has been a very important one that goes a long way in creating local trails for public use that promote wellness and economic development.


Most people know the B&O as the Baltimore & Ohio trail.


Please renew your Kroger Community Service Rewards with B&O Trail now. Each shopper must renew in January by email, on the website or by calling 317-579-8311. Push #3 for Community Service Rewards.

New Map, New Opportunities

Our map has been updated! New construction started in the summer of 2016 at Green Street which will expand the trail westward. More sections were purchased and initially cleared in 2014 to close the gap between our current completed sections. We hope to see this gap constructed very soon.  Additionally more connections are being made to our trail as the Ronald Reagan Parkway is widened to four lanes.  Progress can seem slow at times but it is certainly steady! There are always opportunities to get involved and help build the B&O Trail.