Welcome to the official B&O Trail website! I hope you find the features easy to use and access. Supporters are able to contribute through the site, view our TrailTalk newsletters, become a member or volunteer, and contact myself or other Board Members via email. We also maintain a calendar function so you can always know what’s going on with the trail development and how you can help. You will find access to our on-line photo album hosted on Google Photos, timely news and development information plus a map of our proposed trail. Please let us know how we can improve the site to better serve your needs as a B&O Trail supporter! 

Back in the “real” world, our organization and trail made some great strides in the past few years.   Back in 2009 we saw the first 1000 feet of paved trail laid down just west of the Hendricks/Marion County line. Later that same year, we finally acquired 16 miles of railroad corridor from CSX Transportation, almost all the property in Hendricks County. In 2010 and 2011, we saw construction of another 3 miles of paved trail between Brownsburg and the existing pavement.  In 2013, the Brownsburg Rotary Club funded construction of our first shelter at the trailhead on Green Street (formerly SR 267).  Our most recent construction project of westward expansion from Green Street out past CR 575 East and all the way to CR 500 East began in 2016 and finished in 2017.  Brownsburg also finished construction of the gap in between our two paved sections in 2017 giving us 6.2 miles of paved trail.  Now more than ever, we need your financial and public support to keep the train on the tracks!

We held numerous successful events in 2019 including our 27th Annual B&O Bicycle Tour on June 1, 2019.   We hope to see you this year at our postponed 28th Bicycle Tour!  Check our calendar for more details as they develop.

As always your volunteer assistance is needed not only in organizing and carrying out these fundraising events, but also with other committee efforts, such as public relations, marketing, grant writing and other fundraising efforts. We will post many opportunities on our website in the coming months. (And check us out over on Facebook.) We hope you will continue to support our efforts in any way you can. Thank you for your past support, and I hope to see you on the trail! 

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B&O Trail Association Inc.