Do you shop at Kroger? You can help the B&O Trail while shopping.

Do you shop at Kroger?  You can help the B&O Trail simply while you shop.  It is easy, costs you nothing and does not affect your gas points.  Sign-up for Kroger Community Service Rewards and support the B&O Trail now.  Make sure that B&O TRAIL ASSOCIATION shows up on the bottom of all of your Kroger receipts.  Each quarter Kroger sends us a check based on how much shopping our supporters have done.  To date we have received many thousands of dollars from this fantastic program!  Unlike previously, once you sign-up you do NOT need to renew annually.  Go to the website or call 317-579-8311. Push #3 for Community Service Rewards.  Our new group number on the Kroger Community Rewards website is QI 681.  Sometimes searching for us by name does not work very well.