A hearty thank you to all who attended our annual meeting on Monday evening, February 19, 2018. We had a full house!

A hearty thank you to all who attended our annual meeting on Monday evening, February 19, 2018.  We had a full house!  Check out our photo album of pictures from the event by clicking HERE.  A special thank you to both of our guest speakers, Travis Tranbarger, Brownsburg Parks Director, and Chad Macer, who represented the Far West B&O Trail group in Marion County.

Travis updated us on numerous Brownsburg park and road projects that will enhance the B&O Trail within the Town of Brownsburg.  Part of those improvements will bring restroom facilities in two different locations adjacent to the trail.   

Chad Macer spoke about an important Flapjacks 5K event on August 4, 2018 that will help raise funds for the Far West (Marion County) portion of the B&O Trail.  Chad also announced that BOTA had just completed a critical land purchase which now brings all of the trail parcels between Raceway Road and Tansel Road under BOTA ownership.   

Dave Jackson, HCTDA president, spoke about westward expansion efforts at CR 500 East and beyond.  A number of partnerships with groups like the Hendricks County Parks Department and Duke Energy will go a long way to assisting BOTA with westward expansion. 

Diana Virgil, BOTA president, informed the attendees that we now have an estimate of approximately $71,000 in costs per 1/2 mile to open and extended each 1/2 mile of rugged trail.  With just over $40,000 in available funds right now, fundraising is a critical next step for us to be able to extend the B&O Trail.