We have a new on-line donation form that allows you to make a recurring monthly donation using a credit card.  Click HERE to make a monthly donation!

If you would prefer to use Paypal for your donation, use the green button on our main page.  There are numerous other ways to help.  You can participate in one or more of our events, volunteer to help along the trail or sign-up for Kroger Community Rewards.

If you shop at Kroger then you can help the B&O Trail simply while you shop. It is easy, costs you nothing and does not affect your gas points. Sign-up for Kroger Community Service Rewards and support the B&O Trail now. Make sure that B&O TRAIL ASSOCIATION shows up on the bottom of all of your Kroger receipts. Each quarter Kroger sends us a check based on how much shopping our supporters have done. To date we have received many thousands of dollars from this fantastic program! Unlike previously, once you sign-up you do NOT need to renew annually. Go to the www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com website or call 317-579-8311. Push #3 for Community Service Rewards. Our new group number on the Kroger Community Rewards website is QI 681. Sometimes searching for us by name does not work very well.